Stuck On Repeat: Map Of Africa Polish The Mirrors Above Their Beds

mapofafrica.jpgMap of Africa is a duo comprised of Thomas Bullock from NYC DJ duo Rub’n’Tug and a rotating cast of “take it sleazy” characters, including left-coast house god DJ Harvey. (Bullock was also a member of A.R.E. Weapons, but we weren’t sure if we should mention that or not.) The band’s new self-titled LP is super-decadent disco-rock dripping with synthetic sweat and walking around with a permanent, if discreetly tucked, hard-on. And when we say “disco-rock,” we mean back when disco DJs used to play heavy metal album tracks between Cymande and Santana songs. We mean music for dudes who still own a conversion van with an airbrushed wizard and a working motorized bed in the back. We mean the perfect flashback for guys in porn ‘staches who used to put on Vangelis LPs when they made their move on that special lady. Your chest is probably not hairy enough for this record.

Map of Africa – Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys [MP3, link expired]
Map of Africa – Map of Africa [MP3, link expired]
Map of Africa [MySpace]

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