Hillary Clinton’s Supporters Are Serious About Their Smash Mouth Fandom

May 31st, 2007 // 4 Comments

The voting for Hillary Clinton’s campaign song has reached its final round, and the finalists are making us wonder just how much ad time she’s planning to buy during Grey’s Anatomy:

“Suddenly I See” – KT Tunstall
“Rock This Country!” – Shania Twain
“Beautiful Day” – U2
“I’m a Believer” – Smash Mouth
“Get Ready” – The Temptations

There are also a few songs that won the write-in vote–including Tina Turner’s “Simply The Best,” which may not be the best idea–but after looking over photos from Clinton’s Young Hollywood Reception last night, we’re wondering if “Bring Da Ruckus” can’t serve as a last-minute candidate. Hey, it would get the youth vote!

Hillary Clinton Loves Young Hollywood [Stereohyped]
Campaign Song Poll [hillaryclinton.com]

  1. Xenu

    If the Smash Mouth track wins, will it come complete with the dancing Shrek characters holding “Hillary ’08″ placards?

    Oh, and has anyone informed Hillary than two-thirds of her campaign theme choices are, in fact, sung by non-Americans? Is that really the statement she wants to make while running for president?

  2. K-milo

    Too bad “Capital G” couldn’t make it

  3. rich36

    I lean pretty far to the left, but I’ll vote for whatever candidate the Republicans throw out there if she ends up being the candidate and selects Smashmouth. Just the thought of having to hear that song ad nauseum makes me want to leave for Canada.

  4. KimPossible

    Please. How can that campaign seriously consider anything other than “Baby Got Back”.

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