The Cutout Bin: A Selection Of Odds, Ends, And Follow-Ups

Jun 1st, 2007 // 1 Comment

Before we leave for the weekend, a few updates on stories from this short, yet oddly long week:

- Glacéau denied the “50 Cent made $400 million” rumor: “While 50 Cent and many other world re-known celebrities have very lucrative and fruitful partnerships with our brand, any report stating personal figures of ownership in our company are erroneous at this time. Glaceau and Mr. Jackson have a deal in place that grants him partial ownership in his own brand. Both parties remain excited about the future of our relationship.” [Playahata]
- After losing her hand to either a seal or an overzealous Photoshop user, Mya has even more to complain about: Her album’s been pushed back to September, and she’s “starring” on a singing-contest show with Q-listers Jai Rodriguez and Drew Lachey. [Str8OuttaNYC]
- Those of you who are flipping out over the DRM-free iTunes files being watermarked with your name know that iTunes has always done that with purchased files, right? [The iPod Blog]
- Finally, yesterday’s troika of posts featuring covers splashed with scantily clad ladies made us want to flash back to another era. [Rolling Stone]

[Photo via Drake LeLane]


  1. Roger Kaputnik

    Don’t lift those bags by the handles!

    How about a blind lot auction? I start the bidding at $8 for the bag with Wilco on top.


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