Listening Station: Eminem Gets A Cranky Crank Call

em.jpgLast week, the tale of one Kyle Spratt–an overzealous Eminem fan who snagged his hero’s phone number after stealing Kim Mathers’ cell phone from her while she was at a Windsor, Ont., bingo hall, then called him to request a tete-a-tete–made its way around the Internet, prompting many pundits to dub the 18-year-old aspiring rapper “the real-life Stan.” Over the weekend, the incensed Spratt released “Slim Sellout,” an Eminem diss track where he samples Em’s attempts to disguise his voice and claims that Encore was a crap album, on his MySpace page; he’s since taken it down, perhaps because of the murky legality of Spratt’s recording his phone conversations with Eminem and the Detroit police. Thankfully, Nah Right snatched the MP3, so you can hear Em’s admittedly hilarious attempts to disguise his pipes and see just how angry a scorned fan of Marshall Mathers can get.

UPDATE: As gregcoff noted, the speed of our modern age has allowed Spratt to post a follow-up track–which is, in a case of meta crashing down upon itself, all about the furor he’s caused–on his MySpace page.

Kyle Spratt – Slim Sellout [MP3, link expired; via Nah Right]
Kyle Spratt [MySpace]
Fan Steals Kim Mathers’ Phone, Calls Eminem []

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