t.A.T.u., The Movie: This Will Be Almost As Awesome As “Can’t Stop The Music”

Mischa Barton is going to star in Finding t.A.T.u., which is apparently based on a book–yes, an actual book, and not just some printed-out fan fiction. Variety has the plot’s details:

Set against a background of music, Internet chatrooms and hedonistic Russian nightlife, it’s the story of a lonely American teenager in Moscow who becomes friends with a local girl over their shared obsession with pop band t.A.T.u.

We don’t understand why the studio had to hire Barton for this flick–surely the young ladies who make up the Russian duo could tart themselves up in dual roles? The clip for “All The Things She Said” surely makes them out to at least be better actresses.

Mischa Barton to star in Joffe’s ‘t.A.T.u.’ [Variety]
t.A.T.u – All The Things She Said (Ya Shosla S Uma) [YouTube]

  • Jude

    t.A.T.u. … the movie…

    gotta love it when the jokes write themselves.

  • The Velvet Blog

    What the heck happened to Roland Joffe? How did he go from worthy-but-dull movies like “The Mission” and “The Killing Fields” to produce MTV’s jaw-dropping “Undressed” and now this? Did it involve a sharp blow to the head?

  • Jupiter8

    Awesome! Who’s cast as Trevor Horn?

  • Xenu

    Will this be going straight to infomercial?