Tape-Delaying Week-Old Internet Drama: Hot Or Not?

Jun 11th, 2007 // 2 Comments

It’s time for another installment of Bubble Boyz With Electric Toyz, in which we give an overview of the televised component of the Dr Pepper/MTV/Wal-Mart/KFC/oh yeah, there’s some band too-sponsored project Dr Pepper Band In A Bubble. On Saturday night, MTV aired the third episode of the miniseries.

Did you know that the series’ fourth, and final, episode airs tomorrow? It seems like only yesterday that we were wondering if this whole thing would work. And after watching Saturday’s episode–which tracked the band’s adventures up through last week’s wall collapse–we’re pretty sure that it hasn’t, unless you count “lots of gratuitous Dr Pepper logo shots” as “working.”

Episode 3:

For some reason, Episode 3 tracks the period between May 28 and June 4, even though anyone with an Internet connection would be following along on the blog, and anyone who actually cared enough to use all the “interactive” features would have considered any of the footage used in this episode old news. Tacit admission that no one is really redeeming their Dr Pepper codes to watch the footage or sign that MTV cares as much for this whole debacle as Cartel cared for the fish its fans gave them–i.e. not enough to keep them alive past Day 2? We’re leaning toward the latter, but we’ll reserve final judgment for tomorrow night’s episode, in which the band debuts its new material, which was apparently completed last night.

Other things we learned:

They’re slobs. Okay, so the fact that they’re in a band should make us less surprised by this. But during our viewings of the episode, the reminders that there was no fresh air in the place gave us a terrifying sense of the bubble’s pre-window-shatter aroma–a mix of spilled beer, unlaundered clothes, dog pee, vomit (viewers were treated to two loo-cam shots of people puking), sweat, and nasty porn. Perhaps the “accident” was really not that bad of a thing?

The point of being in a band is being able to drink beer without running a mile afterward. At least, that’s the excuse they gave to the personal trainer who woke them up at 6:30 in the morning and forced them to jump rope–cruelly, before they got to take a swig of a beverage that clearly wasn’t Dr Pepper.

They can actually write a half-decent song. The whispery, delicate “Piano” actually sounded not-half-bad–but, of course, the label execs weren’t fans. Will the track make it to the album in its current form? We’re guessing no.

Making The Band 4 is going to exist. Just a warning.

We’re really regretting our decision to recap this show. But you probably figured that out. Surely this can’t be the ratings bonanza that I’m From Rolling Stone was.

Tomorrow: The finale, to which we are hoping beyond hope that this guy was invited.

Earlier: Somehow, we managed to squeeze four posts out of this thing.

  1. Janelleyo

    Don’t worry. I had a whole blog mocking/hating on/decomposing the subject, and that made me feel dirty and worthless. So, 4 posts = nothing.

  2. Cloaca

    Is that what the actual tent/dome looks like? I love how the band’s name is just another tiny sign among MTV, Wal-Mart, KFC and Dr. Pepper.

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