Clay’s Fans Are Aiken To Get Into A Scrap

Long known for shutting out those who disagree with them, Clay Aiken’s fans, no doubt because of their insularity, have now turned on each other:

Clay Aiken’s rabid fans – who call themselves “Claymates” and say they live in “Claynation” – are at odds with each other over their former Idol. An insider said, “The war is between the batty members that are still clinging to their heterosexual fantasies of him and others that don’t harbor such illusions.” Aiken’s sexuality has been a subject of speculation ever since several men came out publicly and said they’d met him in gay chat rooms and had relations with him.

The board was shut down on Thursday and it’s remaining closed “until further notice,” an enforced cool-down that’s probably for the best, given that the Claymates are apparently not above using virtual violence against their enemies.


  • TurdsAndWhey

    Wasn’t he seen with Tiffany recently?

  • claykevfan

    Can’t people ever say anything nice about Clay, about his fine talent or about his wonderful charitable efforts. The latest is the media running rampant with inaccuracies about his message board going down. The NY Post article describing another inaccurate story started from a Canadian newspaper even went so far as to claim an insider source. The insider source turns out to be an opinion from the National Enquirer, that beacon of journalistic integrity, (NOT!) who spread rumors and innuendos for a living. Fans weren’t ever arguing about Clay’s sexuality–most of us wouldn’t even care. We know what’s he’s said over and over again and admire him for telling the media he will no longer address the subject. The fansite board just got heated when the original Calgary article was posted. Some fans thought it was fairly innocuous and other fans felt it didn’t belong on Clay’s website and had carried innuendos. Both sides got very vocal and ornery. That was the big fight, people–sorry media, it wasn’t a fight about Clay being gay or not! The moderators didn’t know how to quiet things down, freaked, and shut the sight down for a few days. Clay has blogged since, and admitted he wasn’t even aware of this situation. And crazy as he is, said that he didn’t care if fans wanted to bicker over their own strong opinions and even asked for suggestions and comments. He said he was going to ask that the site be reinstated promptly. It was. Clay is very comfortable in his own skin. The media didn’t even check out what happened on that web site but started the same ol’ same ol’ BS gay stuff. Man, are they homophobic or what? And why is gay bashing not PC, but continuing to hassle Clay about being gay is OK–I don’t get it.