“Billboard” Is Very Serious About Paying Writers With Cameraphones

Jun 11th, 2007 // 5 Comments

Thanks to Ned Raggett for pointing out that Billboard has been reduced to spamming I Love Music–a message board frequented by a fair amount of people who get paid in actual dollars to write about music–to promote the “blogging for cameraphones” contest. (Apparently, the thrust-tastic video above wasn’t enough.):

Billboard.com is looking for music writers and photographers to cover live shows/festivals this summer all over the country. The selected bloggers will get exclusive press passes and an uber-camera phone to text reviews and take pics of local shows.

An uber-camera phone, eh? Well, that changes everything. Maybe it’ll even be able to file reviews that go over 120 characters! Get on it, people!

Calling All Bloggers/Music Reviewers/Photographers [I Love Music]
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  1. heyzeus

    I might consider signing up for whatever it is she’s selling if she could just stick her chest out a bit more.

  2. xtianrut

    I think Billboobs – er board – is really taking music cleavage – I mean coverage – to the next level here.

  3. Lucas Jensen


  4. VanillaXtraDry

    i couldn’t even get through the first 10 seconds of that video. too much like bad amature porn. not that there’s anything wrong with any kind of amature porn.

  5. waffles

    Who wants to text a review? I haven’t looked at it yet, but if they’ll let me just use the phone for pictures and then send them a review later I’ll do it.

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