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Jun 12th, 2007 // 4 Comments

st.jpg- A couple of Screaming Trees tracks from 1987. [Art Decade]
- Remembering the New York rapper Stack Bundles, who was killed early yesterday morning. [33jones]
- More songs about Virginia. [The Presidential Award For Aural Fitness]
- It’s the collaboration you were all waiting for: Enrique Iglesias and Lil’ Wayne. Sadly, the song is not “Hero ’07.” [MINIMP3CENTER]
- For those of you who may not know: Gaunt were so freaking good. Go and learn. [Something I Learned Today]

  1. Christopher R. Weingarten

    All I really know about Gaunt is that they did the theme song to MTV’s Buzzkill…

  2. Catbirdseat

    I’m glad to find that people outside of Columbus, OH actually know about Gaunt, that’s awesome.

  3. brasstax

    I actually had a couple of Gaunt cds way back when, and love to listen to them via a dubbed C-90 cassette when delivering pizza every night. Ahh, the 90s!

  4. umlaut75

    Wow. Some love for Gaunt, even on the boards. What’s next, a Haynes Boys shout-out?

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