Today In Somewhat Unexpected, Completely Alleged Pop-Star Brawls

Jun 12th, 2007 // 4 Comments

timpete.jpgIt’s been almost three years since we bore witness to the fight between Glenn Danzig and the North Side Kings–a.ka. The Tussle In Tuba City–and America’ musical heroes are still getting into brawls. First off, a tipster wrote in about an alleged fight involving Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, who supposedly lashed out during a performance last night in Chicago. According to our spy, Wentz was none too plussed about comments being made an employee at the venue, and stopped the show after first few songs so he could do some pummeling. Any further details? Send them along to

Meanwhile, according to, Timbaland–who’s touring overseas with Justin Timberlake–was arrested in Germany Sunday for allegedly assaulting a bar patron who didn’t want the producer talking to his girlfriend. If the brawl was anything like Timbaland’s recent live shows, it was 45 minutes long, and punctuated with random references to Aaliyah.

  1. Julio Allison

    Just imagine if Fallout Boy would picked a fight with you — CARTE BLANCHE to issue the pummeling of a lifetime to somebody so deserving…shit, I’m gettin’ weepy just thinking about it.

  2. Silverfuture

    A little scant on details, but Chicagoist was there.

  3. Silverfuture

    In Chicago that is, not in Germany with TimboAbs.

  4. punkybunky

    Oddly, that pic of Pete Wentz reminds me of “Drunk Girl” from SNL.

    “D’you wanna know whachooare, Jimmy Fallon?!?”

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