More On Pete Wentz’s Chicago Massacre

Jun 12th, 2007 // 10 Comments

chicagoblood.jpgIt looks like the Fall Out Boy bassist really did bring the ruckus at a show in Chicago last night. From Chicagoist, who also provided the above bloody photo:

From what we could see, Pete decided to have a “word” with a heckler who teased him about his relationship with Ashlee Simpson on his way out, and the shit (and a well-aimed beer bottle) then promptly hit the ‘fan.’ It wasn’t immediately clear what Wentz down, but we caught a glimpse of Pete on the floor with the other dude on top of him. To the venue’s credit, they hustled us out of there and were ready and waiting when the cops arrived.

That’s all well and good, but what punny title will Wentz use when he eventually writes a song about this? We’re going with “You Put My Heart In The Foreground (But Left Your Blood On The Floor).”

More Than We Bargained For


  1. lucasg

    that’s what you get for admitting you don’t know how to play your bass guitar in a magazine about playing bass guitars.

  2. amandacobra

    genius! i wonder if it occured to Guyliner that the guy was goading him into attacking to ensure a monster lawsuit. dude, i’d heckle pete wentz and take a few punches and bottles to the face if i knew i could buy a new house with the sweet, sweet out-of-court settlement money.

    anyone with lots of money who is foolish enough to physically assault some douchebag with witnesses all around is the same kind of guy who takes naked pics of himself posing in front of morrissey albums on his sidekick. oh.

  3. ragandboneshop

    I don’t really know who Pete Wentz is, I was just doing my daily search on the internet for pictures of denim-clad butts squatting over pools of blood. Idolator worked for me!

  4. Jerkwheat

    That potential song title is just a little too accurate for my tastes…

  5. Dan Gibson

    If Fall Out Boy would guarantee that each of their concerts would end with Pete Wentz being pummeled by a fan, I’d probably buy a ticket next time they roll through town.

  6. chrisb

    So who won the fight? I sincerely hope it was the heckler because I would hate to be the guy who got beat up by a pansy wearing guyliner.

  7. Tenno

    I’d normally make some trite, snide comment about Wentz’s yadda yadda blah blah, but all I can really focus on is how much I like to say ‘Jerkwheat.’

    “How are you today?”

    “Excuse me, did you notice my Sidekick fall to the floor?”

    “I say good sir, are you impregnanting my wife admidst the wreckage of my marriage?!”

    It writes itself!

  8. Jerkwheat

    @Tenno: i’ll try to venture over here more often to keep your happiness alive

  9. Tenno

    Back when I get into the studio again (mom’s den) I’m totally going to produce some awesome scum metal industrial and dedicate it to you, my new found friend and big toe: Sgt. Hulka, I mean Jerkwheat.

    Man, I’m am totally on fire today, BFF forever yo!
    Jerkwheat is the new black.

  10. Bob Loblaw

    Your Mockery is a Boomerang (And It Shatters Like a Jawbone).

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