On The Block: A Clock That Is Permanently Set To Lyte Funky Time

Jun 12th, 2007 // 4 Comments

snipshot_e4gcstmf2ad.jpgTo the right, one of the many boyband curios offered up by the liquidation of Backstreet Boys/’NSync impresario/Federal “person of interest” Lou Pearlman’s assets: A clock made out of the single for LFO’s “Summer Girls” (you know, the “I like girls who wear Abercrombie and Fitch” song). The auction is taking place today in Orlando, Fla., or, rather, it will once the auctioneers find a place that’s big enough to handle the crowds. (Apparently, there’s a lot of demand in Florida for the gold and platinum albums, Aeron chairs, and various aircraft parts that were left behind when Pearlman went on the run months ago.) If you’re in the area, stop by–who knows, maybe you can build a business out of this lot of 500 Jordan Knight CDs.

Lou Pearlman auction draws crowd [Orlando Sentinel]


  1. Jupiter8

    Man, is Lou gonna be PISSED when he comes back!

  2. NickEddy

    Oh, 1999, when Lou was on top of the world…I wonder if he thinks of that summer and moreover I wonder if he bugs ‘cos he misses it.

  3. xboxishuge

    Holy shit, Aeron chairs. You think the markdown will be enough to cover the cost of flying to Orlando?

  4. KinetiQ

    LFO = Low-Frequency Oscillation. ALWAYS.

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