Which R & B Starlet Has Bad Buzz?

Jun 12th, 2007 // 7 Comments

Just when you thought album listening parties couldn’t get more awkward, along comes this blind item from AOL’s Black Voices blog:

I hear that a listening party for a sexy R&B starlet’s forthcoming album became a pity party after media guests began sharing with the label staff “how bad they thought the music was.” A source tells me that by the time the last song was played, journalists had the same sentiment: “The album sucks!” Could that be the delay in its release?

Our money’s on a certain hand-bereft singer, but there’s been no shortage of R & B singers with long album delays lately, so we’ll throw open the voting:

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The BV Buzz With Jawn Murray [AOL Black Voices via CONCRETELOOP]

  1. Dan Gibson


  2. Aleb

    Totally Mya, the album being pushed back a month or so before release gives it away IMO.

  3. Murgatroid

    I hope it’s not Kelly Rowland. Her single with Eve is my pick for summer song of ’07.

  4. Julio Allison

    You mean, as opposed to the fucking brilliant records these three broads have put out before. Oh, I see.

  5. Weezy F Baby

    man, king hater, you are indeed the king of haters.

  6. RepentTokyo

    @Murgatroid: Don’t worry, no one else knows that.

  7. Hyman Decent

    a sexy R&B starlet

    I don’t find Mya sexy. “My ass is like, whoa!” Um, what ass?

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