We’re Not The Only Ones Recycling Satellite Party

Jun 12th, 2007 // 15 Comments

perrrr.jpgDon’t ask why, but we haven’t been able to shake the first-week sales tally of Satellite Party’s recently dumped Ultra Payloaded: 8,000 copies. Really! 8,000! Zamfir Goes To Zanzibar sold more than that.

And now that we’re two weeks away from Perry and friends’ auspicious debut, we can’t help but ask: How many people have already sold their copies back?

So we looked at how Ultra was doing at the online ships. This is all anecdotal evidence, of course: Many of these were no doubt unwanted promo copies, or copies that fell off a truck (a terrible, terrible truck). But it’s still a good look at how the album is doing so shortly after its release:

Amazon Marketplace: 52 copies
Half.com: 24 copies
Secondspin.com: No copies
Spun.com: No copies

Okay, so that’s 76 copies (again, all anecdotal). But when you factor in all the brick-and-mortar stores in the country–especially Amoeba–there have got to be at least 200 or so used copies of this album floating around out there. Could this be the last straight-to-the-bins release of the physical-disc era? Or should we wait until the special deluxe edition of The Spaghetti Incident??

  1. r.cummings

    i actually feel bad for perry. damn! those are, like k-fed sales numbers.

  2. Julio Allison

    Woah. Does a band even go on after numbers like that? Or do they just beat the shit out of whoever designed their album cover?

  3. silkyjumbo

    i saw a video on vh-1 this morning.

  4. silkyjumbo


    at any rate, the visuals were crappier than the cd cover. i was actually ticked off that i didn’t change the channel sooner.

  5. unperson

    There was a

  6. unperson

    There was a time when every used bin I browsed had at least one copy of Nick Cave’s The Good Son. It seems like this album will be taking the “Cave slot” for sure.

  7. MC

    Perry Farrell, the alternative K-fed!

  8. MC

    Of course, history is repeating itself here for poor old Perry on a smaller scale. How many Jane’s fans sold back Porno for Pyros debut within a month of its release? I did!

  9. Matos W.K.

    it’s been how many decades now since we were supposed to care about this clown?

  10. MC

    Matos: OTM

  11. Ned Raggett

    How many Jane’s fans sold back Porno for Pyros debut within a month of its release? I did!

    Did you one better — I never bought it, and my life was immeasurably improved. (In fact anything post-Ritual I’ve studiously avoided aside from Kettle Whistle, precisely because that covered old stuff.)

  12. Babydangler

    that’s what you get for putting your stipper wife in your band. take heed, iggy pop.

  13. valido

    Ok, chapter closed. On with the Extreme reunion now.

  14. smackswell

    Craptastic. Was that already said yet?

    Just previewing this is giving me gas.

  15. MisterX1969

    Hey.. you know many good things aren’t popular.
    I knew nothing about this project till channel surfing across “E” or something. Is the Jane’s Addiction Fan or someone who is into this artist particularly “Plugged in”… 8,000 may not be alot but you have to consider it was in stores before anyone ever heard of it really. Britney Spears and Kelly Clarkson went Platnium Yet id rather stick Knitting Needles in both my ears simultaneously than listen to either. Satellite Party is a good record that gets better with a 2nd and third go round. I heard Perry say that he wanted to keep Jane’s just a tad bit on the underground side. I mean look at how much hype the Linkin Park album got, recently. Jane’s was never really that much of a commercial success. However Perry, being the artist that he is has managed to keep himself in the limelight where a lot of others have faded. People need to give this record a chance.

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