The Most Embarrassing Attempt To Be “Down With The Kids” We’ve Seen All Day

Jun 12th, 2007 // 4 Comments

From the inbox:

For every Daryl Hall and John Oates fan who grew up lip-synching one of their hits in front of the mirror, this is the chance to make their “Dreams Come True” by expressing their “Method of Modern Love” to the band by submitting a homemade video to the “I Can Go For That” contest at to earn a chance at a grand prize to see a headlining performance at the Hollywood Bowl in Sept. by the RIAA-certified best-selling pop duo of all time.

We seriously thought this was a joke when it came across our transom–after all, the YouTube user who inspired this foray into user-generated content was named “suicidegirl.” (Come on.) Anyway, whatever genius came up with this stunt’s name obviously wasn’t too familiar with the Hall & Oates catalog; after all, our first, inevitable response to wondering if this idea may be a good one was a definitive “No Can Do.”

Hall And Oates [Official site]


  1. Janelleyo

    Is it bad that the first thing I noticed was the song title was wrong? I *can* go for that? Kind of changes the premise of the song.

  2. Hyman Decent

    @Janelleyo: I have the impression they purposely changed the title to serve as the name of the contest, and the entries don’t have to be for “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do).”

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