Stuck On Repeat: A Little Taste Of The Bitter Bitter Weeks

Producer/Philly music scene lifer Brian McTear has twiddled knobs for bands like Danielson, Matt Pond PA, and Espers, but we’ve enjoyed his solo work, which he puts out under the name Bitter Bitter Weeks, a bunch over the years; Peace Is Burning Like A River, the Bitter Bitter Weeks’ third album, comes out today (a note for you pop-geek types: Velvet Crusher Ric Menck plays drums on the album). McTear has shot a music video for each song on the record, and we’re especially excited to see how the chiming, jangly “Terrified” translates to our computer’s screen:

Bitter Bitter Weeks – Terrified [MP3, link expired]
Lo-Res []
Peace Is Burning Like A River []

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