Don’t Be Surprised If “My December” Returns In September

Jun 13th, 2007 // 26 Comments

kc_md.jpgLast night, Kelly Clarkson, who had been engaged in a soundbite war with those who weren’t happy with her forthcoming album My December, fired her manager, Jeff Kwatinetz. Today Fox 411 columnist Roger Friedman, who had previously pointed the finger at Kwatinetz regarding Clarkson’s woes, weighed in today with an item that shows he’s a little unclear on “Since U Been Gone”‘s lyrical intent:

Kelly Clarkson is free this morning, ladies and gents. She dumped her manager, Jeff Kwatinetz of The Firm — the man who allegedly got her into all this trouble with Clive Davis. Kwatinetz, you see, is now singing “Since U Been Gone” for real.

It was Kwatinetz, as I told you last week, who convinced Kelly she was a miserable, unhappy singer-songwriter and not a shiny pop star whom everyone loved. The result was a forthcoming album, “My December,” that would be perfect if it had a hum-able song on it.

Push came to shove, Clarkson saw the light and Kwatinetz — who was briefly the fiancé of movie star Brittany Murphy — is out. Clive Davis wins, as usual, but not completely. (This is why he’s Clive, and we’re not.) He still has the album, which has been mastered and printed and is ready to go. Davis and his team will do the best they can to get a hit out of it.

I do think that the ever-astute Davis will convince Kelly to record a couple of extras for “My December” that he can reissue on a “special edition” version of the CD, perhaps in the early fall. This would not be unusual, and, that way, BMG won’t be throwing out the baby with the bath water.

Of course, that special edition depends on whether or not My December sells well out of the box–if it has Linkin Park first-week numbers, talk of this special edition will likely be scuttled. (Let’s just hope that if it doesn’t have LP-like numbers, the bonus tracks don’t include any collaborations with the still-selling band.)

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  1. annab

    @gregcoff “And that’s before merch, which no one else gets a cut of.”

    You wouldn’t believe the cut that the merch company gets, actually. I don’t remember the exact percentage but those guys hocking t-shirts (the ones inside the venue, not the skeezy guys in the parking lot) were taking home up to $1,000 a night – each – on the first Breakaway tour. They don’t sell CDs because that gets sticky, but there’s a lot of money to be made for other people on glow sticks and fake laminates.

  2. gregcoff

    @annab: Damn! That’s nuts.

    Still, I would assume that she has her own, officially sanctioned merch booth that probably does a pretty brisk business?

  3. annab

    @gregcoff: It’s a third-party company that they hire. I believe the company creates/orders the gear they sell (i.e. the laminates) and then whatever trucker hats, t-shirts, etc. are also sold. Another separate company also does poster sales. The business they do is, as you said, pretty brisk.

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