This Week, The Dranks Are On T-Pain

Jun 13th, 2007 // 4 Comments

t-pain.jpgIf you thought that T-Pain’s Epiphany would win the chart battle this week, you should buy … oh, you know. The Floridian singer’s second album moved 171,000 copies last week, so expect to hear his ubiquitous single coming out of even more car windows over the next few days.

Biggest Debuts: Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad entered the chart at No. 2, selling 162,000 copies; the still-really-catchy “Umbrella” is at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week. At No. 3 is Memory Almost Full by Paul McCartney, who enticed 161,000 latte drinkers and shut-ins to pony up for his Starbucks/Home Shopping Network-marketed new album. Three other debuts crowded the top 10: Big & Rich’s Between Raising Hell And Amazing Grace entered the chart at No. 5, selling 103,000 copies; Marilyn Manson continued to swindle people into shelling out money for him, selling 88,000 copies of Eat Me, Drink Me and entering the chart at No. 8; and Daddy Yankee entered the chart at No. 9, selling 82,000 copies of El Cartel: The Big Boss.

Charting The Decline: Album sales were up 5.3% from last week, but the year-to-year decline was still sizeable; a year ago, the total number of albums sold was 9.54 million units, while this year’s total clocked in at 8.75 million (an 8.3% decline).

Nickelback Award For Inexplicable Durability: Not only is Linkin Park still scraping the 100,000 units sold mark–this week, Minutes To Midnight sold 96,000 copies–the dirgey “What I’ve Done” is enjoying its 10th week at the top of the Alternative/Modern Rock Radio charts. And people wonder why interest in terrestrial radio is declining?

T-Pain Soars To No. 1 Ahead Of Rihanna, McCartney [Billboard]


  1. Ned Raggett

    Hmm, hmm, “Umbrella” or “What I’ve Done.” I can’t imagine which one I’d want to listen to more!

  2. Dan Gibson

    Not that this relates to the charts per se, but “…Drank” has already but supplanted here from its out of car windows throne by Sean Kingston’s “Beautiful Girls” and it’s “Stand By Me” sample.

  3. Julio Allison

    That song was MADE for the strip club. That is all.

  4. catdirt

    powerful, powerful stuff.

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