Al Gore Discovers New Strand Of Chill-Out Music

bass.jpgAl Gore wants next month’s Live Earth concerts to take place around the word, but he’s had some trouble getting bands to play in Antarctica: Not only will the shows occur in the middle of winter, but Emperor Penguins make for really ill-tempered groupies. Luckily, the British Antarctic Survey had a solution:

BAS officials told Gore that a band was already in place on the South Pole. BAS press representative Linda Capper told blogger Tim Slagle, “We have a house band — five of our science team. They are very good indie rock-folk fusion. The remaining 17 will be the audience on location.”

They’ve never played in front of an audience. To make matters worse, the band, named after a Greenlandic word for “summit,” will be playing outside on the ice, where temperatures could be as low as minus ten degrees Celsius. One of their colleagues will film the performance for broadcast on TV and the Internet.

The band, named Nunatak, doesn’t seem to have a MySpace page, so we don’t know what to expect, though those of you rushing to make an “Eskimo’ Money, Eskimo’ Problems” joke better double-check your geography.

Antarctica Cements Act for Gore’s Live Earth [Yeas & Nays]

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