A Common Mistake Plagues The “Ugliest Album Cover Of The Year” Race

Jun 14th, 2007 // 10 Comments

commoncover.jpgHold up a second there, Common–that doesn’t look like a Gap hoodie! And since when did you become such a big Drew Struzan fan?

Rap Sheet: Common’s “Finding Forever” [Complex.com]

  1. NickEddy

    One howling wolf shy of van-worthy.

  2. Dan Gibson

    I hate to say it, but I miss his little hat.

  3. Moff

    Holy shit, how that sucks. I guess this means Blizzard Man is gonna be guesting on a track or two.

  4. Bazooka Tooth

    Fuck, wow, that is bad– it looks like he’s wearing a wig. I think you could also do an interesting timeline/chart showing how, the more he becomes hyped-by, and works with, Kanye, the worse Common’s albums become.

  5. Anonymous

    @Aquemini: Not only have his albums become worse, but what happened to his ability, to, you know, rap? Listen to his guest spot on that first Kanye album and tell me he doesn’t have the flow of a high, white, suburban teenager.

  6. dana danger

    @grandmoffbastard: I am so glad someone made that reference.

    But anyway, like everyone else, I miss the old Common. I’m going to go listen to “Resurrection” and shed a small tear.

  7. Bob Loblaw

    Sure it’s ugly, but you all are missing the larger point:

    This is a big fuck-you to all those nutjob Big Bang theorists out there. The universe originated just north of Common’s left temple, after a violent reaction between sulfuric gases, free-floating carbon compounds, and tired self-importance.

  8. The HZA. [member of the zombie nation]

    Oh cool, Common is trying the Jedi look.
    What color is his light saber?

  9. rad_matter

    It looks like something the Food Network would do for one of its stars if Food Network went colorblind and goth.

  10. Anonymous

    I wonder if it’s the work of Chuck “NoPattern” Anderson. Ain’t feelin’ the marker hoodie and the vector vibe behind it, but I’m still looking forward to this album.

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