Britney Spears Auditions For Gallup Organization Internship

Jun 14th, 2007 // 16 Comments

britneypoll.jpgBritney’s official site is asking her dues-paying fan-club members to help pick the title of her next album. Either the singer has reached new heights of irony-heavy, zeitgeist-skewing cultural criticism, or she has gone completely banana-hammock crazy. Either way, we’re really surprised no one told her that option 5 was already taken.


  1. KurticusMaximus

    Man, I think “What If The Joke Is On You” is one of the joke suggestions, but that would have been a pretty excellent title.

    It would blow my mind to find out that Britney is some secret pop-culture savant pulling an elaborate social experiment over on us all.

  2. Audif Jackson Winters III

    “Why Is Everyone Looking At Me Like I’m Crazy?”

    “We’re Cuuuntry”

    “Well, That SUV Isn’t Going to Hit Itself With An Umbrella”

  3. xtianrut

    “As Below, So Above”?

  4. Julio Allison

    SOME of these are jokes?

  5. Diglett

    Ok, these pop starlets need to stop with the healthy criticism of their own pop-starletude, because I’m sort of starting to love them and it’s making my face hurt.

  6. Murgatroid

    As for Dignity already being taken, I think Britney already knew that. Part of the joke I think. Or is the blog entry saying that it was already taken part of the joke? I’m confused.

  7. katie_a_princess

  8. beta.rogan

    “Rocket-tits to Russia”

    (Sorry, I apologize in advance. That is terrible…)

  9. amandacobra

    Is it weird that I keep hoping this (and by “this” I don’t mean Britney’s career but the fact she exists as a human being) was a big social experiment?

    I’m hoping she unzips the Britney suit, Elizabeth Wurtzel steps out and hands all the paparazzi copies of her newest book based on the life of “Britney Spears” then jumps in front of a very fast moving bus?

  10. JasonBob7

    Anybody clicked on the link to her “fan club”? Her new logo resembles a Rorschach ink-blot test. I can imagine her therapy sessions…

    “Now tell me, Britney…vhat do you see in zees one? “
    “I see me hitting #1 with my comeback album and gaining the respect and admiration of all Americans!”
    “Damn Brit, you’re fucking crazy.”

  11. The Mozfather

    @Audif Jackson Winters III: I’m definitely voting for “Umbrella.”

  12. antistar

    That’s a classic katie_a_princess.

  13. Rory B. Bellows

    Shit…what if the joke is on me?

    Seriously, Britney has just blown my mind.

  14. KurticusMaximus

    @avoncobra: Elizabeth Wurtzel? Really?

  15. MJ

    Seriously, Britney has just blown my mind.

    She is so post-modern.

  16. Raul23

    In Soviet Russia, Britney Spears make joke on you!

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