From The Editors: A Word On Idolator’s New Leak Policy

Jun 14th, 2007 // 9 Comments

As you may have noticed, Idolator’s been a little less leaky lately. Our aim has always been to bring you great music–or maybe not-so-great music that still deserved to be heard–and we’ve always tried to do so in a way that keeps everyone (readers, artists, labels) happy. This has not been an easy task: There remains a lot of gray area when it comes to MP3s, and like so many other music blogs, we’ve had to deal with numerous major-label cease-and-desist letters since our inception (and we’ve complied with all of them). The back-and-forth has become a frustrating process, and one that’s drained plenty of the site’s resources. To paraphrase the great James Newell Osterberg, Jr.: It’s no fun.

From now on, we will not host “leaked” pre-release tracks that have not been sanctioned for posting by record labels. However, because a leak is newsworthy, we’ll continue to link to sites that carry them when we come across them in our websurfing, and we’ll maintain our “Leak Of The Day” feature, albeit in a new format. Unfortunately, during the week in which we were figuring out how to proceed with this feature, new albums by Ryan Adams, the White Stripes, and Kelly Clarkson hit the Internet, and they’ve already been discussed to death. So we had to look around today to see what other hot titles had broken into the market, which leads us to…

ALBUM: Spa Moods: Sound Of Nature Vol. 4
WEB DEBUT: June 13, 2007
RELEASE DATE: Summer 2007
WHERE TO FIND IT: New Music Albums
ONE-LISTEN VERDICT: As you might imagine, figuring out what to do about leaks made us a little tense. Did listening to ambient tracks like “The Purple Butterfly” and “The First Snowflakes” calm us down? No. But it’s still much better than Volume 3.


  1. Bazooka Tooth

    Save yourself the legal headaches, I think everyone who reads this site already knows where to go to get the leaked records they want.

  2. Ned Raggett

    Per the album title, I would now like a merlot and a light raddicchio salad while relaxing in a sauna.

  3. capn_guthrie

    Good thing moms don’t know how to use the internet yet or they’d be all over this like a ponytail on a hunky masseuse.

  4. Twilly

    Awesome! Ever since S.M. Volume 3, I’ve been dying for the next one.

    This has totally made my week!

  5. El Zilcho!

    I dunno, I feel like Spa Moods never lived up to their promise. I mean, their debut is a masterpiece, and it seems like they’ve been phoning it in ever since.

    Really disappointing. I had high hopes for S.M. to be the voice of our generation.

  6. unclebobscircus

    Holy crap! My g/f and I have tickets to go see Spa Moods at Toad’s Place next week. There’s gonna be one hell of a mosh pit.

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  8. Faster


    Love the Toad’s Place reference. Will The Bog Men be opening?

  9. nonce


    Actually, some of us (me) are kind of dumb, but that still doesn’t make it worth the legal trouble. And I finally recently discovered blog aggregators, so I’m not a total idiot.

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