Peter Gabriel Now Just As Confused As Your Dad About Electronics

Jun 15th, 2007 // 12 Comments

gabe.jpgThe singer gets his signals crossed during a concert in Germany last night, debuting a new look that Us Weekly has already declared a “Biko no-no!”

[Photo: Getty Images]


  1. brasstax

    It’s just coincidence that he and Phil Collins look so similar now, right?

  2. Catbirdseat

    Does he still live in Cloud City?


  3. Ned Raggett

    Oh those wacky Second-Stage Spacing Guild Navigators.

  4. NickEddy

    I saw somewhere that the Sledgehammer vid is being digitally edited to remove the puffs of smoke from the model train going around his head. Mother Earth is dying, yo!

  5. noamjamski

    The man also bought a majority stake in SSL ( so he gets a major pass.

    I’m sure he thinks his vocals for that verse sound like someone is stepping on his nuts when he uses the headset mic.

  6. xtianrut

    Gabriel is so brilliant they have to mic his brain for shows too. Otherwise, the audience wouldn’t get enough smart in the mains. Oh, and the band needs some in the monitors too.

  7. King of Pants

    @Ned Raggett: Okay, that’s the second completely random Dune reference in under two minutes. What the hell, people.

  8. King of Pants

    @sjc: (not from you, but I just saw someone makes a Reverend Mother crack on another board.)

  9. Jack Fear

    I’m still trying to figure out when Peter Gabriel morphed into Burl Ives.

  10. kiteless

    Wait, peter gabriel used to be a fairly good looking man didn’t he? Regardless, Phil Collins was always the more talented of the two.

  11. OBoogie

    So wait, are you deaf, drunk, or both? How is Phil Collins the more talented?

  12. KinetiQ

    Well, you could argue that Phil never hung out with Ira Einhorn. I think that’s about it.

    My next-door neighbor is more talented than Phil Collins – primarily because my next-door neighbor has never tried to act.

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