Liner Notes: What If This Guy Got You Pregnant?

Jun 15th, 2007 // 2 Comments

joelmadd.jpg- Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden may be having a child with Nicole Richie. It’s like Knocked Up, but with more [DRUG REDACTED] and Rancid jokes. [Page Six]
- Moby has just signed a deal with Mute Records for his next album, though he’s mum on exactly when it will be released to general apathy. [Billboard]
- Axl Rose needs a Tivo. [Rush & Molloy, scroll down]

  1. It Must Be Take a Worm for a Walk Week

    Could a Good Charlotte/Lionel Richie mash-up be in the works? Oh God, please let it be “Boys and Girls” vs. “Hello”!

  2. noamjamski

    I’m surprised the Daily News left out that Axl requested the final Sopranos episode to be delivered to him by James Gandolfini riding upon the back of a white Llama.

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