Looking Back At A Week In Which We Might Have Had Sex With Bret Michaels

Jun 15th, 2007 // 2 Comments


- OK, so we didn’t. But we did once see C.C. at an Applebees’ in Jersey City!
- You’re nobody in this industry until you’ve incurred the wraith of Kelly Clarkson.
- Akon is sorry. Also: He still wants to f–k you.
- The anono-critic sniffs around an especially druggy issue of Spin.
- Lou Pearlman’s estate audtion caters to that elusive “stuck in 1999, and possibly gay” consumer demographic.
- The Royals are stretching it a bit with this proposed playlist.
- Even people who buy Linkin Park CDs don’t deserve screwy copy-protection.
- A former employee recounts what it was like to experience that BurnLounge sensation.
- A Pitchfork review is off by a few beats.
- As always, a serious discussion about Zine turns into a referendum on beer and orgies.
- Finally, a “Knockin’ the Boots” reference!

  1. brasstax

    The “wraith?” That’s a Charlie Sheen movie.

  2. Tenno

    The ‘wraith’ of Kelly Clarkson is a very sexy ghost, unless you’re a nerd, because then you’d know that its a similar but still unique kind of undead.

    I’m so lonely.

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