The Cutout Bin: A Selection Of Odds, Ends, And Other Crap

Jun 15th, 2007 // 2 Comments

Before we leave for the weekend, a few items that we missed in our mad dash to figure out which brand of beer our Zune party will serve:

- Why is rap sinking on the charts? Here’s an idea: “[P]eople are tired of rap because everyone currently participating is a huge fucking douchebag.” [Oh Word]
- Band In A Bubble may be over, but that doesn’t mean CMJ is finished shilling for it. [CMJ]
- Dear Lily Allen: You know, we thought you were cute back when you were putting out mixtapes, but now, every time we hear your name, all we can think is this: “That girl needs to get away from the Internet and get some perspective.” And no, we don’t mean the kind of perspective that causes you to say “Stop making fun of me and think about Darfur–but be sure to buy tickets to my show!!!” Blech. [Lily Allen's MySpace Blog]
- It’s really the choice of MIDI song that makes this hilarious.

[Photo via Drake LeLane]

  1. Audif Jackson Winters III

    I’m definitely not a close follower (or even fan of) current hip-hop, but with “snap”, and “crunk”, it seems like the popular hip-hop tracks are gimmicky at best. Is this the “Cherry Pie” phase of hip-hop?

  2. Tenno

    I hate most hyphey, or hyphy or whatever. But I love those electric mash remixes…. sad really.

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