Britney Spears Takes On Presumably Unfunny Morning-Radio DJ

bsdj.jpgThe Smoking Gun is reporting that Britney Spears’ lawyers sent a strongly worded letter to a Florida radio station that used unauthorized paparazzi pictures of the singer in its promotional billboards. The ads, which were for MJ Kelli’s morning-radio program, feature images from Britney’s bald phase, and are about as funny as you’d expect from a “wacky DJ,” meaning that they’re completely obvious and two months old, joke-wise. We’re all for first-amendment rights, of course, but if it takes legal threats to silence our nation’s zinger-spewing knuckleheads, we’d be willing re-write the Patriot Act. Again.

Britney Ballistic Over Billboards [The Smoking Gun]

  • Murgatroid

    Of course, when Britney is the eventual victor of this battle, everyone will be asking, “who woulda thunk?”

  • Christopher R. Weingarten

    Great headline.

  • joshservo

    I hope this doesn’t affect this week’s installment of “Postman Queerbo’s Male Call,” or, “A visit from Dr. Roof Breastenhimer.” Just helps the drive time zip by.

  • MitchT

    Gotta link to this. Sums it up quite well.


  • Mr. Feller

    i live down the street from one of these billboards.
    they’ve been up for a couple of months now.
    weird that it took this long for the lawyers to get wind of them.