Stuck On Repeat: Dr. Kinsey Gets Singer All Hot and Bothered

Jun 18th, 2007 // Comment

griddle.jpgThere may be no more entertaining reissue this year than the British label Jasmine’s Griddle Greasin’ Daddies and Dirty Cowboys, a collection of smutty ’50s country featuring loads of silly double-entendres and endings of the “you thought this song was about cooch but it’s really about dancing, you pervert” variety. But the most amazing thing on it isn’t even all that dirty–at least on the surface. The sexologist Alfred Kinsey’s two books (1948′s Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and 1953′s Sexual Behavior in the Human Female) caused an uproar, becoming instant bestsellers and paving the way for the sexual revolution; they also inspired Charlie Aldrich to imagine the books bringing civilization as we know it–or at least the baseball game–to an end.

Charlie Aldrich – Kinsey’s Book [MP3, link expired]

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