Toby Keith Does Not Want To Discuss Natalie Maines’ Hotness

Jun 19th, 2007 // 7 Comments

Last night, professional patriot Toby Keith appeared on The Colbert Report; the whole interview was cringe-inducing, with the hulking Keith seemingly trying to hide underneath his baseball cap the whole time. At least he got Colbert to switch topics from Natalie Maines’ comeliness to his new album–or, at the very least, the shilling for Ford that takes up the last page of the liner notes. (Honestly, if Keith was in on this game, he should pair up with Colbert and create one of those comedies-of-awkwardness that are probably going to be rushed into development now that the US version of The Office has been so successful.)

The Colbert Report [Comedy Central]

  1. annab

    OK wait, there’s a Ford ad in the insert? God, I’m glad I don’t listen to mainstream country music…

  2. gregcoff

    At the same time, it’s not that weird to see ads in bigger rap albums.

    So anyone who has a problem with Toby Keith is RACIST.

  3. Cloaca

    that interview was awful. toby keith comes across dumber in person than he does in song.

  4. Jupiter8

    There is a time when Elvis Costello shilling for Lexus (Official Car of the New Jersey Asshole) would have bothered me far more, but I guess I’m more likely to hear a song I like by Toby Keith these days than one by EC….

  5. brasstax

    The thing about those Lexus commercials is that it seems like the Lexus filmcrew just came up to EC’s house and was like “Hey, do you and Diana Krall want to sit in this car and listen to stuff?” Because, as far as I know, they’re the only two people in this series of ads.

  6. Cloaca

    @brasstax: You forgot John Legend. Those commercials are awful, especially Costello flailing around in the backseat of a car like someone’s dementia-ridden grandfather.

  7. Cloaca

    Edit: sorry for repeating “awful.” i should have said, “those commercials suck shit.”

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