Dick Clark To Spin Off Unpopular Musical Properties Into Even More Unpopular Theme-Park Properties

Jun 19th, 2007 // 1 Comment

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Dick Clark Productions–the company responsible for the American Music Awards, the Academy Of Country Music Awards and the inexplicably titled Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve–has been acquired in part by Six Flags Inc.:

Six Flags said the Dick Clark Productions deal could help its turnaround by allowing the park operator to hold such attractions as a “So You Think You Can Dance” event to drive attendance. “So You Think You Can Dance,” a series on News Corp.’s Fox Television Network, is co-produced by Dick Clark Productions. Six Flags also could hold a lottery on its Web site for backstage passes to the American Music Awards, or use “American Bandstand,” “Bloopers,” and past award shows in its in-park marketing efforts, Six Flags said.

Might we also suggest “American Music Awards: The Ride”? It could feature Slash saying “fuck,” and open once a year to zero public interest.

RedZone Capital Acquires Dick Clark Productions [WSJ]

  1. Mick Kraut

    So another franchise that Daniel Snyder can wreck…fantastic!

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