R. Kelly Still The Master Of The Twist

Jun 19th, 2007 // 5 Comments

R. Kelly and Usher’s “Same Girl” is probably going to be coming out of a lot of Casanovas’ car windows over the next few weeks, but all those people will be missing out on the above videoclip, which features the two singers toasting their ability to attract the same young lady and getting hot and sweaty on the basketball court. Not only that, but the ending of the video somehow manages to be a happy one, or at least one where the two men aren’t required to come to blows over the rights to the tattooed, TBS-employed lady that they’re vying for. We’re definitely chalking that fact up to Kells’ ample skills with narrative.

R. Kelly – Same Girl (feat. Usher) [DailyMotion, via CONCRETELOOP]

  1. Dan Gibson

    Although I can’t really disagree with the combined Kells/Usher pimp game, I don’t know if the girl is the one who should be embarrassed when she sees them together.

  2. capn_guthrie

    Spoiler: The midget craps himself.

  3. maxreax

    did they really not think to check and make sure that they were talking about the same girl by, like, saying her name? or did the set of twins at the end both have the same first name?

  4. gregcoff

    Max: clearly you know nothing of the subtle give-and-take relationship between “Ush” and “Kells.” They would avoid using her first name with each other because they respect women just that much.

    But yeah, it’s also weird that a set of identical twins would have the exact same tattoo, license plate, car, cell phone, seduction technique, and job. But compared to other implausible R. Kelly twists, this is plain jane.

    Something about the way he sings “she goin’ be looking so stupid,” is perfect.

  5. Airsank

    Well that was awesome. So awesome, in fact, that the public will forgive R.Kelly for another 14 counts of kiddie porn. And if Usher wants to pee on someone, that’ll probably be fine too.

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