Is Kelly Clarkson Going To Head Back To Her Roots This Summer?

Jun 20th, 2007 // 2 Comments

kc.jpgNow that Kelly Clarkson’s summer is a lot less scheduled, the rumors about what she’ll be up to–aside from recording tunes for the My December “special edition–are running rampant. There was speculation that she’d do a club tour, which would at least complement the rock direction she’s barreling down on her forthcoming album My December, but the blog Geno’s World is claiming that she’ll spend at least a few of her nights playing arenas–in “cameo” appearances on this summer’s American Idol tour:

A source in the industry tells Geno’s World that Clarkson is going to be offered “special cameo” appearances on the upcoming American Idol tour that begins on July 6 and runs through September 22.

The execs are hoping that Kelly will take this opportunity to “save face” and be able to take advantage of the Idol built in fan base and allow her to promote her struggling “My December” CD. Pre-sales figures have not hit expectations. Whether Clarkson accepts the offer is still up in the air, but there are dozens of people working behind the scenes to put a good spin on Clarkson’s recent PR troubles. Her battle over the song selection on her CD and the cancellation of her tour have been a marketing nightmare.

It’s a plausible theory, made even moreso because Clarkson performed on Idol twice this season, and as long as she isn’t roped into duetting with Haley Scarnato the downgrade shouldn’t be too embarrassing. But we were really hoping that she’d try and work out her recent woes with a stripped-down tour of smaller venues around the States. After all, she has someone in her band who knows a thing or two about jamming econo.

EXCLUSIVE: Kelly Clarkson to appear on upcoming American Idol Tour? [Geno's World]

  1. Rory B. Bellows

    How are ticket sales for the AI tour going? I can’t imagine well. Could this all be a set-up by the AI team to boost attendance at their own shows at the expense of Clarkson?

  2. Chris Molanphy

    It’s a bad move and a total capitulation to Clive & co. if she does it. Staying above the AI fray has been Clarkson’s smartest move, and appearing on the show as an established star is different from touring with the dog-and-pony-and-Sanjaya show all summer. It reeks of state-fair desperation to me.

    I’ll say before what I’ve said all along: she’s entitled to one art-for-art’s-sake, one-for-me album. For crying out loud, let her get it out of her system. And I’m still hearing “Never Again” daily on New York Top 40 radio, so it can’t be tanking that badly; the record might go “only” platinum, which in the current climate wouldn’t be that great a tragedy.

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