Kelly Rowland Stakes Out Her Territory

Jun 20th, 2007 // 4 Comments

mskelly.jpgARTIST: Kelly Rowland
TITLE: Ms. Kelly
WEB DEBUT: June 20, 2007
RELEASE DATE: July 3, 2007
ONE-LISTEN VERDICT: Ms. Kelly seemed to be the official pushed-back record of 2007 for a while, and we’re not sure why, since it’s a perfectly fine, if slightly lengthy, nouveau-R & B album with a lot of “I want my man back” drama (really, though, did there have to be a Snoop Dogg cameo?). The feather-light “Still In Love With My Ex” has a chorus that sounds like it was destined for a Cherish song–although “Flashback,” a lost-love lament that sounds like a cross between “Irreplaceable” and Pat Benatar’s “We Belong,” could hit really big if it’s used in the right MTV reality show.
WHERE TO FIND THE BEST TRACK: Pop Music Kingdom has an MP3 of the twitchy “Work (Put It In).”

  1. brasstax

    Jesus, how many times does her name have to appear on the cover art?!

  2. rad_matter

    “Come Back” is the most addictive track of Kelly’s leaked so far IMO.

  3. MC

    brasstax: Maybe she’s signed all the copies personally for each buyer…with love.

  4. MJ

    There always have to be a Snoop Dogg cameo. It’s like a law of Physics at this point.

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