Stuck On Repeat: Airiel Head Into Battle

Jun 20th, 2007 // 1 Comment

snipshot_e4qe2svgm75.jpgThe Chicago outfit Airiel started off as the drum-machine-assisted solo project of guitarist Jeremy Wrenn, but as its ambitions grew, so did its ranks, and it’s now a foursome. The band’s 2004 EP collection Winks & Kisses was often played by one of your Idolators on slow, slightly hungover mornings at work, mostly because its taffy-pull guitars helped our extra-buttered bagels and giant cups of coffee go down a bit easier. Airiel’s forthcoming album, The Battle Of Sealand, has even more cracked-up guitars on it, but the two tracks below place the band’s shoegazy tendencies inside raucous rock and roll settings:

Airiel – Thrown Idols [MP3, link expired]
Airiel – Think Tank [MP3, link expired]
Airiel [MySpace]

  1. StopKillingMe

    I’m glad to see Idolator covering this band. The “Winks & Kisses” EPs are a must-listen for shoegaze fans…they combine the shimmering guitar work of Slowdive with the heart-on-your-sleeve lyrical style of The Field Mice. And for the kiddies: the vocalist at times recalls Ben Gibbard. Now get thee to iTunes!

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