Leakers’ Names About To Be Leaked

Jun 20th, 2007 // 22 Comments

The first post on Thou Shall Not Leak, a blog that went into our RSS readers right away for reasons that are about to become very obvious:


Instead of doing what everyone else has done and create a blog to leak music to people ahead of release dates illegally, I thought (largely since I work in the industry and people’s lack of care or respect for the hard work artists and the people who put out records appals me) I’d create a little blog to post the names, indelible and set out for all to see, of those people who’ve been given the care of having an early copy of a release and have set that responsibility aside and leaked the record they were entrusted with.

I feel perhaps a bit vindictive doing this, but on the other hand, the lack of care brought to the table by the other parties whose names will be listed here is more than grossly inappropriate.

Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments.

We’re not sure how exactly the proprietor is going to get these names–from his other blog, we find out that he lives in Ann Arbor and travels around to festivals “for work”–and we’re especially not sure that, now that he’s been linked from more than a few music-writer hangouts, he’ll actually go through with this project. But then again, that suspense will probably be great for his traffic!

Thou Shall Not Leak [thoushallnotleak.blogspot.com]

  1. MC

    Hmm. Ann Arbor? Works in the industry? Gots to be someone from AMG.

  2. RepentTokyo

    and why should we believe this attention-whore exactly?

  3. brasstax

    Big deal. All that exists so far is a single, introductory post. Wake me when the action starts happening.

  4. Whigged

    He’s “in the industry”….but cops to having never heard Bright Eyes before. Unless Lars Ulrich has relocated to Ann Arbor, me smell b.s.

  5. capn_guthrie

    This is the caning leading up to the music industry’s civil war. but who is Sumner and who is Brooks?

  6. Audif Jackson Winters III

    Snitches get stitches, pahdnah.

  7. RepentTokyo

    @30f: what happened to no self-linking in the comments?

  8. sparkletone

    Matthew Dear’s from Ann Arbor.

    Matthew Dear could totally take this guy in a fight.

  9. nonce


    A quote from your blogrant: “What percentage of those “involuntary free samples” given out by the musicians and record labels turn into purchases by you?”

    Me? Probably around 60 to 70%. Which is a much better promotional tool than radio ever was.

    The other 30 to 40% consists of a small amount or rare/odd stuff that is not commerically available, making it difficult for me to pay somebody for it (to whom should I be sending money for Alanis’ parody of “My Humps”?) or is stuff I was briefly tricked into thinking might be good but which is awful and gets deleted (e.g. The Hold Steady). And (shock!) I am more likely to pay more $$ if I am buying directly from the band. I literally bought the new Parts & Labor album from the band. If for whatever reason I feel compelled to buy a Justin Timberlake album, though, I’ll buy it for $3 used on Amazon (which is not legal either).

    Yes, there are people who vacuum stuff off the internet wholesale. Some people also probably hang out at Barnes & Noble all the time so they don’t have to buy the books they read.

  10. StopKillingMe

    I don’t know about books, but I also see people at Barnes & Noble reading 2-3 magazines all the way through and then putting them back on the shelves without paying for them. I agree: downloading is a great way to sample artists before purchasing, track down rarities/unreleased material, and not spend any $$$ on stuff you’d be embarrassed to admit having in your CD collection…

  11. Little White Earbuds

    The link to his other blog is incorrect in this post.

  12. Little White Earbuds

    I would take his blog a little more seriously if he already had some names to leak. As it stands he’s just an angry guy at Ghostly fighting back with a screed-filled blog.

    That said, I’m adding him to my RSS as well.

  13. Little White Earbuds

    @Little White Earbuds:

    Whoops, maybe his blog was just taken down? Either way, something is broken somewhere. So there.

  14. parrotrunner

    I sort of understand where he’s coming from but I don’t see what good it’ll do. Cat’s outta the bag, nothing can stop it now.

  15. 30f

    @RepentTokyo: I have never heard that. I link to my blog a good percentage of the time when I comment here. Sorry the reddish letters upset you.

    @nonce: Well, nonce – I guess you are the rare exception. Your anecdotal and self-reported situation surely means that downloading helps everyone and that this guy shouldn’t leak the names of leakers. I am the rare person who possesses bongs and rolling papers to enjoy organic tobacco. Does that mean nobody smokes pot?

  16. janine

    Honestly? I think people steal more music than they admit, in the same way that some morbidly obese folk underestimate their daily caloric intake. Why should it be in anyone’s interest to make you feel good about stealing music? Sure, the cat’s out of the bag and the industry bungled the entire situation, but that does not entitle thieves to some sort of parade.

  17. Weezy F Baby

    @StopKillingMe: yeah. just because an artist is a guilty pleasure of yours means they don’t deserve money. good logic.

  18. Anonymous

    Whoever it is is probably just angry that one of the leaked Animal Collective songs has a skip in it.

  19. MJ

    @nonce: I’ll buy it for $3 used on Amazon (which is not legal either).

    Um, what? Funny idea of legality you have there.

  20. 30f

    Oh this sounds great. I bet Ann Arbor wishes that Idolator had let him get his soft launch on before all the attention started coming.

    Any issue in this slow-croaking industry that gets people all hot and bothered like this is probably an area that needs more discussion, not less.

    Anyone who reads my blog knows how I feel about anonymity and people that steal music. If they can’t take the heat – they shouldn’t be jacking other people’s livelihoods.

  21. AnnArbor

    AMG (i.e., All Music Guide) is indeed based in Ann Arbor, but so is the Ghostly International record label, which apparently is where this dude works. (From his other blog: “I realize I work at his label, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen Mr. Tadd Mullinix play live….”) Probably not a good publicity move for the label, at least among journalists/bloggers.

  22. loudersoft

    this idea, while it might make some PR people and artists feel better for a minute, makes him makes him susceptible to libel lawsuits. his name is jeremy “j.j.” peters and he works for ghostly. he wants you to notice HIM. congrats, you did.

    i think leaks are bad for business, sure. but if the powers that be don’t handle things like this the right way, the story is just going to get ugly really quickly. what’s wrongfully shaming a bunch of ignorant kids who download everything off of OiNK going to do?

    if he goes through with it, i hope he gets sued for libel and it breaks him.

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