Next Tuesday, There Will Be Little To No Radio Ga-Ga

Jun 21st, 2007 // 2 Comments

radio.jpgIf your favorite Internet radio station isn’t playing music next Tuesday, don’t panic! They’re just taking part of the “Day Of Silence,” in which thousands of webcasters will cease broadcasting in order to protest the proposed royalty-rate hikes that could put them out of business. So actually, maybe you should panic, because these raised rates are going to be severe. The participants include and, and in case you’re wondering just what constitutes a technical “day of silence,” the Radio And Internet Newsletter has the answer:

“We’re asking everyone participating to commit to a stream that is PRIMARY — more than 50% — silent (although bleeps, surf noise, and static could all count as ‘silence’), with occasional PSAs interspersed (or maybe, as you suggest, brief song excerpts; full songs would not be in the spirit of ‘silence,’ though).

Bleeps, surf noise and brief song excerpts? Is this going to be a 24-hour Paul Oakenfold marathon?

Plans For “Day Of SIlence” Rapidly Taking Shape []


  1. Recury

    I sure hope they aren’t doing this to show how much worse off the world would be without internet radio…

  2. Dan Gibson

    Not being able to listen to KCRW’s music stream is really going to bum the decision makers over at SoundExchange out. I mean, they’re re-running Feist’s appearance on Morning Becomes Eclectic that day!

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