Highlights From Last Night’s Liveblog Of “AFI’s 100 Years, 100 Movies”

Jun 21st, 2007 // 4 Comments

7:56 P.M. It’s almost time! We can’t wait to see what Davey picks as his top choice–will it be The Crow? The Hunger? Maybe even The Adventures Of Milo & Otis? The suspense is killing us!

8:24 P.M Okay, something weird’s going on. It’s only a half-hour, and no Davey–just Morgan Freeman and some clips from Singin’ In The Rain. We’d better Google this.

8:25 P.M. Ah, now we get it.

9:57 P.M. The Sixth Sense over Goodfellas?!? Are they effing kidding us?

  1. Arthur2sheds

    “The Sixth Sense over Goodfellas?!? Are they effing kidding us?”

    It’s an outrage, but no more than when Goodfellas lost both best picture and best director honors to Dances with Wolves at the 1990 Oscars.

    Kevin Costner has as many Best Director honors as Scorsese. Think about that for a while…

  2. TurdsAndWhey

    To: Arthur2sheds (long pause) Jackson

    At least the academy did not honor Waterworld.

    My boat.

    Arthur, was Waterworld written in the shed?

  3. icepick3383

    Where’s the ghost of maury (Maury’s wigs DON’T COME OFF!!) when you need him? “I see wigged people!”

  4. Arthur2sheds


    “I’m fed up with the sheds. I wish I’d never gotten them in first place”

    Keep this up and we can be like those annoying guys who re-enact Monty Python skits at parties. Let’s do Mr. Neutron next.

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