Interpol Has Gone To The Dogs


There’s a profile of Interpol in the New York Times today, and you really owe it to yourself to read it; not only will you find out about how the group members are, like, not into fashion anymore and don’t like to party so much and blah blah, but you will also be treated to this delightful aside:

(Mr. Dengler is worried that his Italian greyhound, Gaius, a publicity photo star, is suffering from too much attention.)

Mr. Dengler, of course, is Carlos D, the band’s bassist and attention seeker. And frankly, we’re surprised that he’s trying to pull Gaius out of the spotlight so close to the album-release schedule: We were looking forward to the dog’s “Guest List” in Pitchfork, the Animal Fair Q&A, maybe even a wink-wink interview with the Cobrasnake’s Shar-pei in Vice. Don’t reign him in, Carlos D! You were once a young, Hitler-haired pup yourself!

A Band Minds Its Manners, but Is Coy About Its Suits [NYT}