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Jun 21st, 2007 // 17 Comments

Our post on the newly hatched out-the-leakers blog Thou Shall Not Leak attracted quite a bit of attention, and the proprietor of the site seems to be devoted to doing it full-time–after all, he’s taken down the personal blog that was linked from his Blogger profile yesterday. In post No. 2, he answers the question we had yesterday–how is he going to get these leakers’ names?

Finally, I can’t post any names if no one gives any to me. I don’t have some list floating around of all these people. I will keep the source under wraps and ask people to vet their sources if they do choose to send me something.

Very simply: I am not going to post names of some kid on soulseek. That’s the RIAA’s job. I am gonna post a name of the person who put up the link, if I feel that it’s been properly vetted.

All i am doing here is giving people a forum to make known that someone purposely posted something they were entrusted with. But that’s for the content owner to decide and the person who was careless to deal with. All I provide is the forum. (Catch the P2P style argument – “We’re just a network…”, which I actually agree with.)

So the blog is just going to be a clearinghouse for information that’s, well, leaked to him? What a disappointment–we were envisioning this guy in a basement somewhere, with a huge suite of sound-analyzing equipment, a high stack of code-cracking books, and a sign on the wall that said he charged “25 cents a day, plus expenses.”

Thou Shall Not Leak [thoushallnotleak.blogspot.com]
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  1. Ned Raggett

    Okay I heart y’all for your last comment. Who knew Bugs Meany was a downloading fiend? (Actually wasn’t there some weird parody involving those characters about downloading a couple of years back? That or Goofus and Gallant.)

  2. Dan Gibson

    John Warner’s “Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Pirated MP3s”: [web.archive.org]

  3. mackro

    It’s Lazlo from Real Genius! He’s turned to the dark side! :-o

  4. capn_guthrie

    P.T. Barnum said it best.

  5. Emerson Dameron

    Does anyone else find this whole mindset maddening? Depressing? Stupid? I know it’s easy to mock these people, but is anyone else pounding their forehead?

    The beast is out of the stable, buddy. The technology’s going to keep getting better. The honor system isn’t going to hold. What was once an incentive is now a tip jar with spiderwebs in it, and you’re acting like an *asshole*. Y’all – all y’all – are going to find some new way to make money off this shit, or you’re going to become bitter, humorless IT guys.

    It’s just me? It’s cool. Sorry. Let the shaming continue. Who would question it, except a rotten leaker? “Leaker.” Nothing sexy there, right?

  6. sarahrose

    so wait he’s going to leak the names that are leaked to him in an effort to curb the leaking? isn’t that like scooping yesterday’s headlines?

  7. Ned Raggett

    @DanGibson: Brilliant, thanks!

  8. KinetiQ

    So… it’s like whosarat.com except in reverse; instead of posting the names of people suspected to be confidential informants, he’s going to be posting a list of people whom somebody else suspects of distributing music illegally.

    If I weren’t so disgusted, I’d be tempted to send this guy a few names of people I hated in high school. As a bonus you can out them for leaking really bad music.

    I call dibs on John Smith leaking everything Avril Lavigne’s ever released.

  9. RepentTokyo

    How much longer are we going to pay attention to this guy?

  10. t.a.m.s.y.

    FWIW, Calico Jak would die in prison with Judith Miller before ever revealing his sources.

  11. Hyman Decent

    Arcade Fire leaked my cover of Kurtis Blow’s “Basketball”!

  12. loudersoft

    we are winning the war on terror here at home

  13. janine

    …if not paying for music is nothing to be ashamed of, then what’s the problem?

  14. Trackback

    – For £10 million and a private jet you’d do it too. They’re getting the band back together. [AOL Canada] — $80 for the new Smashing Pumpkins record? Fantastic. [Shoutmouth] — Rape me and a bag of chips. [Pitchfork] — Leaking the leakers. Applications for ‘snitch’ now being accepted.

  15. nonce

    @Emerson Dameron:

    I’m with you. This guy is the online music equivalent of people with too much free time who build shoddy, 50-foot-long fences along the Mexican border.

  16. jt.ramsay

    This dude really is the McCarthy of the filesharing generation!

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