What Kind Of A Country Do We Live In? Certainly Not A Damnocracy

Jun 21st, 2007 // 12 Comments

damnocracy.jpgIt’s been exactly one year since Sebastian Bach posted this lone blog entry on the official Damnocracy website, and since then…nothing. No big tours. No album. No season 2 of SuperGroup. Where have you gone, Baz, Nuge and guy who had the porn-star wife? Why have you forsaken us?

  1. gregcoff

    God I loved that show. My favorite part was Scott Ian hanging around in the background and occasionally just shaking his head at how ridiculous the whole thing was. You know shiz is off the hook when the guy from Anthrax with the phallic goatee is the voice of reason.

  2. superfluoüs_umlaut

    The whole thing was doomed by the name. It should be “Damn-ocracy,” right? But I can’t help but read it as “Dam-nocracy,” which ruins the pun. They should have gone with Sebastian Bach’s suggestion.

  3. FionaScrapple

    Savage Animal!!

  4. hotshot

    I can never tell: Does this classify as burning out or fading away?

  5. noamjamski

    My favorite part of the whole series was Scott Ian sweating the Nuge like a fan boy and Nuge saying the adulation was “cute,” then continuing on to say that the cutest animals taste best on the grill.

    Jesus I am so pumped for free Nuge at the Nokia on Sunday! His inability to sell tickets is the world’s gain!

  6. Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee

    @FionaScrapple: Honestly one of my favorite television moments.

    Such conviction! “SAVAGE ANIMAL!”

  7. janine

    @Katkick: Are you the gay dude publicist or the brunette publicist from Supergroup?

  8. Silverfuture

    My favorite part of the show was the fact that after everyone spent so much time trying not to learn the Biohazard song, the Nuge learned that pushing yourself to try something different can be worthwhile and fulfilling.

    @katkick: What’s the name of Scott’s new place?

  9. pinder

    Sebastian Bach was in a few episodes of Trailer Park Boys this past season here in Canada. He played himself buying the weed the boys smuggled over the border via model train tracks. He took the weed and sent back cigarettes.

    Also, Bubbles stole Patrick Swayze’s prized train set.

    I did not make any of this up.

  10. pingjin

    My wife’s going to watch him tomorrow night as the opening act for Guns n Roses (I refused to go). I’m not making this up – you can look it up: Acer Arena (Homebush), Sydney, Australia.

  11. Katkick

    Looks like all the members are busy doing other things they love.
    -Sebastian is on tour with Guns & Roses (also doing some headline shows and has killer reviews everywhere from the fans. They love him!).
    -Scott has opened his own eatery/lounge in New York as well as keeping busy with Anthrax (cool!).
    -Evan has started his own group ‘Spyder’, and is rockin’ as always. (Terra is doing well last I checked).
    -Ted is booked everywhere for every differnt things (based on his ‘happy factor’ – The guy rocks!). Last I hear of him, he was running for NRA President (cool!)
    -Totally have lost track of Jason, but having no news, it’s probably good news.

    People want the music from Damnocracy laid down somewhere. It all rocked!
    Hope they do get together again one day, or at least add those songs to some tracks we can all play through our JBL’s

  12. Katkick

    Forgot to mention this….
    Sebastian has a new Album comming out called ‘Angel Down’. It will be released soon!

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