Now You Know Who To Blame

Jun 22nd, 2007 // 6 Comments

byline.jpgThose of you who read the site via some sort of RSS thingee may have noticed that the posts now feature bylines; this way, you’ll finally be able to tell which one of us is a freestyle-loving grunge archivist, and which one is the lame duck who spends his remaining days writing the shortest, easiest entries possible (like this one). It’s a public-service effort for the estimated .03 percent of you who actually care.


  1. Chris Molanphy

    Is there an official end date yet?

    How will we send you off? Shall we all go to a karaoke bar, get shitfaced and watch you sing the entire catalog of vintage power-pop in the system? (That might only be five songs, so you might want to widen your repertoire a bit.)

  2. Dan Gibson

    A function of that sort sounds like tons of fun. If someone wants to fund a plane ticket from Phoenix to NYC, I’d be happy to contribute my Lou Gramm impression.

  3. Pop Cesspool

    You mean, real people actually write this site? I always thought it was created with some sort of robotext generator. Here’s the same application in neo-BASIC:

    20 IF 10=Y, GOTO 40
    30 IF 10=N, PRINT 50

  4. xtianrut

    @dennisobell: I haven’t met Brian face-to-face yet, but I’d kill to see him ring off “Waiting Room,” and take it straight into “Surrender,” and then run out of the bar, high-fiving everyone as he leaves.

    Where can we find Fugazi/Cheap Trick karaoke in NYC?

  5. Weezy F Baby

    any chance of having these bylines on the site itself? we dont have rss in the ghetto.

  6. RepentTokyo

    i honestly thought I completely imagined this site and that it lived exclusively in my brain.

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