Shane McGowan Doesn’t Want Your Rock N’ Roller Cola Wars

Jun 22nd, 2007 // 5 Comments

shaneshaneshane.jpgA celebrity-karaoke fund-raiser in London drew some big names last night: Nick Cave sang “Bootylicious,” while Chrissie Hynde performed “Born To Be Wild.” But this must have been the highlight:

£30,000 was bid to hear former Pogue Shane McGowan perform what was described as “a somewhat unique interpretation” of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire.”

We’re not sure whether this counted as an actual performance, or whether McGowan (who’s apparently now a Corey Feldman look-alike) was pushed on stage and happened to be mumbling about Harry Truman and Doris Day, as he’s known to do. Either way, we’re hoping somebody out there caught this, and we eagerly await the shaky YouTube clip (if you happen to spot it, by the way, please let us know at

Sir Elton is king of karaoke at £385,000 celebrity sing-song [Daily Mail]

  1. Aleb

    £30,000? Are his teeth still in THAT bad a shape?

  2. Anonymous

    How much would I pay to see Nick Cave sing “Bootylicious”?

    Half as much as I would pay to see him sing “My Humps”.

  3. radnauseum

    @ aleb: What teeth?

  4. Ned Raggett

    @AstronautDinosaurFiretruck: *EXACTLY.* Forget Shane, where’s THAT YouTube clip?

  5. HannibalV

    @Ned Raggett: I’m with you and ADF–my life will not be even close to complete until I can hear this.

    Yes, Mr. Cave, we are in fact ready for this jelly.

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