The Vault: Diving In With The Chills

Jun 22nd, 2007 // 6 Comments

sub.jpgCould it be true that the Chills’ 1990 classic Submarine Bells is out of print in the United States? These used-copy prices on Amazon seem to imply as much, which is a shame: Bells is probably the Kiwi group’s most captivating album, one that glosses up the Chills’ jangle-pop sound without overwhelming it. You could even call it “sumptuous,” if only that word didn’t make you sound like part of a cat-food commercial:

The Chills – Heavenly Pop Hit [MP3, link expired]
The Chills – Tied Up In Chain [MP3, link expired]
The Chills – Singing In My Sleep [MP3, link expired]

  1. Jfrankparnell

    No sympathy for CD buyers. I see this record on vinyl so often, for about $5, that sometimes I consider buying a second copy just for the karmic warmth.

  2. ComicDork

    I love this record… bought it way back when it came out. A great little pop gem. I would also include “Male Monster From The ID” off Soft Bomb as a must have Chills tune.

  3. brasstax

    I’ve had and sold this twice on cd, but I guess I should’ve hung onto it. (I still have the mp3s anyway)

  4. plasticaisle

    I love the Chills. The early stuff is my favorite. Kaleidoscope World in particular. “This is the Way” has been put on dozens of my mixtapes in the last few decades. Brave Words was also pretty good. Can’t really get enough of the Flying Nun, to be honest.

  5. J DTZR

    I HATE IT when they jack up the price on any out-of-print item, be it a CD, a book, a DVD…

    I’ve been trying to score a copy of Jack Vance’s novel “Bad Ronald” forever. I saw a copy on Alibris or somewhere and it was at some ridiculous price — $100, or thereabouts. I e-mailed the seller and said, “Look, you’ve had this book listed for five years. I’ll give you $20 and take it off your hands.” Dude refused because he was obviously an asshole, but I’ll be damned if I let some cocksucker gogue me on an item he clearly has no interest in. I realize it’s a free country and all, but sometimes I really hate the eBay mentality.

  6. Sam Adams

    ’tis as nothing next to the used prices for Kaleidoscope World and Brave Words. Plus, I think every third cutout bin in America has a copy of Submarine Bells and Soft Bomb (note Amazon’s 7/3 “import” reissue date on the latter, although no country of origin is mentioned). One of the stoopider things about Amazon is that *every* OOP thing gets jacked up in price regardless of demand. Although if anyone is actually willing to pay $100 for my Shop Assistants CD, do get in touch.

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