Akon Is Truly The Master Of The Mastertone


Akon may have been given the boot by Verizon, but that hasn’t stopped his songs from entering the memory mobile phones all across the country:

Just recently, Akon grabbed accolades as the highest-selling master ringtone artist of all time, according to information from label SRC/Universal Motown. The figures, first revealed on Thursday, show cumulative sales of 11 million master tones. The total is being driven by a number of mobile-friendly releases, including “Smack That,” “Don’t Matter,” and “I Wanna Love You.” Those songs have all earned multi-platinum ringtone sales, according to certifications issued by the RIAA. “We’re thrilled that Akon has now surpassed all other artists of this era and has cemented his place in music history,” said Steve Rifkind, chief executive of SRC Records.

“Smack That” was also the top-selling ringtone of 2006, but we’re guessing that when “Sorry Blame Me” makes its inevitable crossover to the ringtone world, it’ll do even better among the always-lucrative “Peeved Ex Who Can’t Bear To Remove Former Boyfriend From Her Address Book Yet” market.

Akon Enters Master Ringtone Stratosphere, Strikes Record [Digital Music News]

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