Looking Back At A Week That Was All Negative Rapping

Jun 22nd, 2007 // Comment

trash.jpg- We know at least one band that won’t be playing the Pitchfork Festival.
- Looking back at a Phair-to-middling career.
- Billy Corgan has a multiple personality.
- Who will name names to the Leaker-Seeker?
- Jann Wenner LOLS Democrats! Who’d a thunk it?
- Oh no, not again!
- The music industry is full of wieners.
- The new Kelly Clarkson album makes the rounds on the web, as does the new one from Interpol; which one will Clive Davis be playing over the weekend?
- Please, Aerosmith: Get up off that muffin.
- This post was way cooler when it first came out, and totally overrated.

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