The Cutout Bin: A Selection Of Odds, Ends, And Assorted Crap

Jun 22nd, 2007 // Comment

Before we leave for the weekend, a few items that we missed while we were trying to figure out if we liked My December or not:

- No Rock And Roll Fun is blogging the blogging of Glastonbury, NME bless’im. [No Rock And Roll Fun]
- CMJ: Still caring about Cartel, somehow shocked that they’re still engaging in corporately sponsored endeavors … like getting promoted to death in CMJ, for example. [CMJ]
- Britney Spears’ album has been pushed back to 2008, giving her plenty of time to write entries for her Web site. [Life & Style]
- Eddie Murphy probably won’t be on the guest list for any of those Spice Girls reunion shows. [ICYDK]
- If you thought Zune parties were cool, just wait until you hit the Smirnoff Ice parties. If they get really wild, this guy may get another tattoo! [The Daily Swarm]

[Photo via Drake LeLane]

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