Do You Like iLike?

Jun 22nd, 2007 // 5 Comments

ilike.jpgOver the past couple of days, we’ve noticed an upsurge in press for iLike, the music-networking site that’s apparently gone from 1 million users to 6 million users over the past month, thanks to its being included in the initial suite of applications offered by the social-networking site Facebook, which is like MySpace except with less blinking backgrounds and more functionality. iLike’s massive userbase puts the service well ahead of and other sites of its ilk. But we, well, didn’t like it much; we found it somewhat cumbersome when we tried it out a few months back, and we’ve noticed that a good chunk of our Facebook friends who have added the application to their profiles have either left it blank or dropped it altogether after finding out just how much strain it put on their computers. So we’re curious: Do you use iLike? Did you try it and drop it? And are we still counted as an iLike user, even though we uninstalled its iTunes plugin about two days after we wrote our initial item on the service?

Crazy love when startup iLike hits pay dirt [Seattle Times]

  1. mackro

    iLike is a grower type project. Whenever any company tries to start up a product that relies on mostly user’s personal interests — music in this case — there won’t be much to be excited about, because there’s no much on it, period.

    That said, I did e-mail feedback to iLike, and they were really responsive. And hooking into something like Facebook is a really smark move.

    I can’t really judge it fairly until a few months from now, but I started using it a few months prior, and I was really excited about it for a week, then forgot that it was this remora on my iTunes app. Maybe that remora will do its job later.

  2. myrrh

    Glad I’m not the only one. I tried to like it because of the nice Facebook integration… but I dropped it, too. I have a feeling that we are, indeed, being counted among those 6 million. iLame.

  3. G3K

    The music quiz is a huge hit among my friends, and you need to add the app to compete. There aren’t really any other reasons to add it. The iLike plugin apparently needs to manually index your MP3s, while just reports whatever your music player plays.

    Plus its ugly orange color scheme clashes with Facebook Blue. Is anyone sick of Facebook Blue yet?

    The real issue is that iLike was allowed in on some prerelease Facebook Platform testing, whereas was not. I imagine would’ve raised more of a stink had they not been purchased for 180 quadrillion dollars just a couple days l…

  4. theminx

    I’m a fan of the iLike challenge, but haven’t bothered with any of the other functionality. They supposedly have a genre-specific challenge coming up, which should help my stats–I’m learning way too much about nu-metal for my comfort as it is.

    I’m a longtime (audioscrobbler) user though, so I doubt facebook or or anywhere else is going to make the near-40K songs tracked on so far irrelevant anytime soon.

  5. lesbiansayswhat

    in a word, no. i joined on facebook because of the quiz..which is basically ‘can you please listen to clips by the bands that are featured on our site this month (the arctic monkeys, fall out boy, simple plan, all-american rejects, good charlotte, and keane)? i wanted to pass a friends score as a joke but i simply could not stand listening to the same effing ‘i’ve got girl problems and am probably emotionally still 13′ song over and over again. Wise strategy of iLike or any new idea is to turn it into a facebook application..the kids’ll just add anything and ignore it rather than try it and then remove it.

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