The Last Word: Never Again Will We Mention The New Kelly Clarkson Album

Jun 25th, 2007 // 2 Comments

decembre.jpgEvery week, we round up the all-important, all-summarizing last sentences of the biggest new-music reviews. Today’s entry is Kelly Clarkson’s My December, which is released tomorrow:

- “Instead of soaring, Ms. Clarkson digs in, singing melodies that sometimes sound cramped and repetitive; perhaps the music echoes the obstinate lyrics too well. Let’s not get carried away, though: Ms. Clarkson’s voice still sounds great, and there are a few songs that conjure the old giddiness, like ‘How I Feel,’ a new-wavey lament. And all the controversy has made Ms. Clarkson even easier to admire. But as Mr. Davis (who seems happy to play the villain) knows better than anyone, support and sympathy don’t turn an album into a blockbuster; big hits do. Everyone’s rooting for Ms. Clarkson, but that’s no guarantee she’ll win.” [NYT]
- “But just when you think Miss Independent has morphed into Miss Misery, Clarkson unleashes some lighter pleasures that (take note, Team Clive!) would make dandy warm-weather singles — much more than ‘Never Again’ or ‘Sober,’ the moody second release. ‘One Minute’ percolates with electro-pop energy; ‘How I Feel’ is a one-woman new-wave revival; and the funk-rock ‘Yeah’ suggests that she’s an R&B sex bomb waiting to happen. Still, basking in the winter of My December’s greater discontent isn’t such a bad way to chill this summer, either.” B+ [EW]
- ” It’s a smartly accomplished pop album, nothing more, nothing less, and it shows Clarkson is going to be around a bit longer than the 15 minutes allotted to even the most celebrated “Idols” contestants. Like the Dixie Chicks, she’s probably going to take a hit at the box office. But like her fellow Texans, she’s starting to earn something she once lacked: credibility. The key question then becomes: If sales dive, will Clarkson still insist on taking the high road? Or will she even have that choice?” [Chicago Tribune]

  1. Ned Raggett

    the funk-rock ‘Yeah’ suggests that she’s an R&B sex bomb waiting to happen

    Oh, where to begin.

  2. Julio Allison

    @Ned Raggett:

    I can only imagine that was written by somebody who’s seriously bad in the sack.

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