The Vault: The Only Nickelback You’ll Ever Need To Hear

Jun 25th, 2007 // 5 Comments

bluetip.jpgWith only a few days left until the changing-of-the-guard here at Idolator, we’ll be haphazardly cramming in songs that were supposed to be on the site months ago, but got lost in time (or fits of laziness). Case in point: “Nickelback,” the opening track from Bluetip’s 1996 debut album (the accurately titled Dischord No. 101). It may be less than two minutes long, but it’s a pummeling guitar-attack track–one that’s surely confused a few iTunes users who were looking for Chad Kroeger rarities:

Bluetip – Nickelback [MP3, link expired]


  1. thepunkguy

    Yes Brian. Nice job. Maybe you can squeeze in some boy’s life, lung fish and ordination of aaron too. pretty please.


  2. umlaut75

    The first four songs, or so, on this album were top notch. The rest of the album, and the next one: not so much. That said, this track is great.

  3. themeparkexperience

    Very nice. Maybe some Retisonic is on the horizon?

  4. Moonshine Mike

    @thepunkguy: Lungfish is always welcome. Maybe some happy go licky?

  5. thepunkguy

    @moonshine, while we are at it, why not some monorchid, trans megetti and dag nasty?

    @umlaut75, you don’t love join us? I thought it was better than this release actually.

    no good?

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