The Record Business: It’s Probably Still In Trouble

Jun 25th, 2007 // 8 Comments

From a New York profile of Lily Allen, the suddenly delicate flower who’s escaped to New York to flee the paparazzi (wait, what?):

In a dramatic move, [Allen] canceled her U.S. tour, citing boredom with herself. But instead of fleeing for home, she sought refuge in New York–after convincing her record company to put her up for a few weeks in a $10,000-a-month apartment filled with recording equipment overlooking the Hudson. The goal was to bang out her second album in peace. Though, she admits, “We’ve done nothing! All we’ve done is make YouTube videos for other peoples’ songs.”

We’re sure the finance employee who greenlit this expense is thrilled by this news–but really, Capitol shouldn’t be too worried. After all, they’ve got those Poison sales to make up for the money that Lily is plowing into her new, hopefully vlog-tastic ventures.

Lily Allen’s Escape to New York [New York]


  1. Julio Allison

    It’s okay — worst comes to worst, Mum and Dad’ll help pay off that advance.

    Meanwhile, some poor record exec just got fired.

  2. kiteless

    I am thoroughly attracted to lilly allen. Not much for her music though. I’ve never been so into big foreheads (5heads) as I am now.

  3. zaky

    I can’t stand her. She needs to fire her stylist and take some singing lessons.

  4. Jupiter8

    I liked her record-it was pretty good for someone cribbing from old 2-Tone records–but the more she talks and talks and the more she becomes a “personality” and whines about “success” the more I can’t stand her…hey Lily, Adam Ant used to bitch about being famous all the time too..

  5. coolfer

    since that’s probably a recoupable expense, if anyone is in trouble it’s lily.

    of all the things capitol should be worried about, chump change like this is at the bottom of the list. and was she really going to “bang out her second album” in just a few weeks? highly unlikely.

  6. capn_guthrie

    I think Amy Winehouse turns into Lily Allen when she’s not drunk. Here’s hoping Ms. Winehouse never goes to rehab.

  7. sarahrose

    i was sure lily allen and amy whinehouse were the same person.

  8. King of Pants

    @sarahrose: Nah, Lily Allen still has all her teeth.

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